Inviting Apartment With A Warm And Dynamic Interior Design

We’ve seen our share of stylish apartments with all sorts of crazy and interesting interiors and features but few of them actually feel like home. To give a space that type of warmth and charm you need to keep things simple and to choose the right materials, color and finishes in the right proportions.

Apartment M in Bucharest daytime area

This space is called Apartment M and was designed by Rosu-Ciocodeica, a duo of talented architects with an impressive joint portfolio. They both graduated in 2011 and quickly managed to find their style: a combination of traditional coziness and industrial luxury.

Apartment M in Bucharest living space

Apartment M in Bucharest lounge area

The apartment is located in Bucharest, Romania and its design was completed in 2016. It has nice panoramic views of the city and an interior that feels warm and welcoming right from the start. The architects wanted to make this space feel open and spacious while also being highly flexible and functional.

Apartment M in Bucharest living room sofa

There’s a really nice dynamic between all the interior spaces. The apartment is separated a daytime area and a night zone. The day zone is open and bright without looking austere or deprived of character. The herringbone floors really give the space a very inviting and comfortable look.

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Apartment M in Bucharest living room curtains

Although this is an open floor plan area, there are ways to visually and physically separate the spaces if and when needed. The architects made sure of that by including a series of space dividers. The possibility of separating the areas is a really nice touch, making this layout a very flexible one.

Apartment M in Bucharest folding partition

Apartment M in Bucharest folding partition wall

The partitions are made of metal and glass and give the apartment a nice industrial look without standing out too much. They outline the décor in an elegant manner, playing with contrasts and forms.

Apartment M in Bucharest office and guest room

Apartment M in Bucharest firewood storage

The kitchen and the home office are part of the social area and the dining space sits at the center of the space. There’s also a comfortable and cozy lounge space with two sofas facing each other. Long gray curtains make the space even more enjoyable.

Apartment M in Bucharest dining table

Apartment M in Bucharest dining room

A separate space functions as both a home office and guest room. It has a fireplace and features a really clever and interesting firewood storage design. It’s a narrow vertical nook between the wall unit and the folding partition frame.

Apartment M in Bucharest dining area

The kitchen is similarly welcoming. The wooden floor really warms up the space. In addition, the kitchen island table is a great feature that also serves as a visual separator between the kitchen space and the rest of the social areas.

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Apartment M in Bucharest kitchen

Apartment M in Bucharest kitchen table

The bedrooms are defined by soft and pleasant colors and fresh accents. One has a white-painted brick accent wall that adds texture to the décor. The room is small but doesn’t feel tiny thanks to the simplicity of the interior design.

Apartment M in Bucharest bedroom brick wall

Apartment M in Bucharest bedroom closet

Mirrors are used to make spaces look and feel larger. Their strategic use is also aesthetic, adding glamor and sophistication to the interior décor of the rooms.

Apartment M in Bucharest bedroom mirror wall

The night zone also includes the bathroom which is a small but really chic space that features white subway tiles on the walls and a glass walk-in shower.

Apartment M in Bucharest bathroom shower

Apartment M in Bucharest bathroom sink



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