Industrial Loft With An Open Plan And A Cool Chromatic Palette

Recently remodeled by Diego Revollo Arquitectura, this apartment is located in the Morumbi neighborhood of Sao Paulo. It measures 100 square feet and its layout was a bit unusual right from the start. It had a mezzanine level and it basically included no walls or separators between the various spaces and functions. But this lack of dividers didn’t really clash with the new design since the client wanted a modern-industrial decor anyway.

The loft has a really cozy and inviting living space with access to a balconyThe transition between the living space and balcony is smooth and seamless thanks to the sliding doorsThe overall interior design is graphical thanks to elements such as this area rugThe patchwork pattern on the rug contrasts with the round coffee tablesThis is actually a garden chair used indoors as a way to make the space feel casual

The focus was on quality materials and functionality but this didn’t mean that the aesthetics were neglected. In fact, there’s a really great balance that defines the whole space. The goal was to give the apartment a industrial look without making it feel cold and uninviting. This can be tricky but there are plenty of methods to achieve this balance.

The sofa has a simple and modern design and blends in well thanks to its neutral colorThe wall behind the sofa has a prominent brickwork pattern that adds warmth to the decorThe color palette throughout the apartment is muted and reduced to a few accent tones

The apartment has an open floor plan. The living area covers a large portion of the main floor, being situated adjacent to an open balcony. A Fifty garden armchair is casually placed in a corner next to the balcony. A light gray sofa has its back on a white painted brick wall. The whole lounge space is framed by a large area rug with a patchwork design and a mixture of different shades of blue.

Blue seems to be the main accent color, featured in several different shades throughout the social areaMost of the decor is based on neutral color tones such as white, black or grys and beige accentsThe focal point of the living area is the custom-designed TV unit

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A comfy Bauhaus chair completes the seating arrangement, framing the coffee table set. But the main piece of furniture in this area is not the sofa or any of the accent chairs. It’s in fact the TV unit which was custom designed specifically for this space. It holds the TV on a black panel with open shelves underneath and to its left.

Wall sconces and lamps offer warm and pleasant accent lighting for the lounge spaceSmall nesting side tables frame the sofa on one end while the opposite corner accommodates a floor lampA staircase offers access from the social area to a loft space placed above the kitchen and dining spaceThe staircase has a solid metal frame and wooden treads that add warmth and texture to its designThere’s a mezzanine level above the kitchen and dining area and it isn’t separated with walls

The industrial flair is given by a variety of details, some small and some pretty massive. They include elements such as metal staircase structure, the railings on the loft floor, the exposed pipes throughout the apartment or the light fixtures which include a bunch of wall lamps such as the N° 213, N°304 and N° 303 from DCW Edition.

Up here you can find the sleeping area which is nicely positioned to the rightThe furnishings throughout the apartment are simple and pwefectly chosen to suit the space and its styleThe designer played with combinations of materials, finishes and textures to create a beautiful balance
The entire mezzanine level holds the sleeping area which also includes a large closet space

The kitchen and dining area occupy the rest of the open floor plan on the main level. Above them is the mezzanine area. An oval dining table with lovely classic chairs sits at the center, in between the kitchen counter and the storage unit placed under the floating stairs.

Blue and turquoise accents are nicely spread across the main floorElegant furniture pieces such as this cabinet offer enough storage for everythingThere are no walls or dividers between the living space and the rest of the functionsThe garden chair looks pretty great here, especially given its proximity to the open balcony

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The interior design overall is a combination of modern and industrial features. The designer put an emphasis on the materials and textures used throughout, especially on the metal elements and the cool, solid colors. Gray is an important part of the decor, being extensively used in the living area but most of all in the bathroom.

The kitchen space is defined mostly by neutrals such as grays and whitesOnce again, the kitchen and dining area form a single space with no separations or visual barriers between themThe oval dining table takes center stage, being placed between the kitchen and the staircaseThe coffee table sit at the center of the living space, in between the TV unit and the sofaThe balcony has a wooden floor and metal guardrails and there are no windows to close it off completely

The gray elements that make up most of the chromatic palette are complemented by shades of blue which is also a cool color. However, it also makes the spaces feel comfortable, relaxing and tranquil. This way the contrasts of color are not strong but they are noticeable nonetheless.

The marble table top softens the decor with its oval shape, contrasting with the clean lines of the kitchen furnitureUp on the mezzanine level there’s also a work area on the left sideThe bed has a wide headboard with built-in nightstands and industrial-style lampsThe floating nightstands maintain a lightweight and airy appearance throughout the space

Up on the mezzanine level is the more private zone. Here you can see the sleeping area which is mostly formed of a platform bed with a wide headboard and built-in nightstands. In addition to these, there’s also a work space opposite to the bed. The rest of the loft floor is occupied by a large walk-in closet with a variety of storage options.



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