Gorgeous Loft Apartment In A Former Factory In Prague

There’s a lot to love about Loft F5.04, the apartment designed by Klara Valona & SMLXL Studio. The apartment is located in Prague, in a building that used to be a factory. Typically, this sort of converted spaces don’t follow the usual guidelines and don’t feature the same characteristics as apartment block units. Size is sometimes one of the aspects that differs from one type of space to another although in this case it’s not a major indicator of the uniqueness of the space.

The apartment is inside a former factory so it doesn’t follow the usual guidelinesAn interesting detail is, for example, the fact that the apartment has high ceilings

The apartment measures 120 square meters in total so it’s pretty large but this is not surprising given the history of the building. As you can expect from such a project, there was a desire to preserve the charm and character of the building and to give the apartment an industrial look without making it feel cold and uninviting. Finding the right balance in this sense is often a challenge but the designers were successful in impregnating the apartment with industrial accents while giving it a comfortable and homely feel.

The high ceilings allowed the architects to introduce a series of cool and interesting design elementsThe large ceiling beams give the loft a sculptural appeal, making it look more imposing and dramatic

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The fact that the windows were not the original, industrial ones was a disappointment for the designers who hoped to revive the building’s charm and to put an emphasis on the windows and the views. Their strategy changed and the focus went on some of the custom-designed furniture elements, the most interesting and imposing one of all being the large kitchen island made of concrete.

The dining table is in fact an extension of the large kitchen island and not a freestanding furniture pieceThe social areas are defined by bright and neutral colors, with few and pleasant contrasts

The kitchen island impresses with its size but most of all with its complementary bar seats which are in fact swings suspended from the ceiling. They put an emphasis on the height of the ceiling and also give the space a graphical and at the same time playful look. The island also has a dining table extension which sits at a lower eight and is framed by white chairs.

Perhaps the biggest focal point of the apartment is the large concrete island custom made for the spaceA pastel shade of blue was used for the nursery room, impregnating a soothing and serene ambianceThe master bedroom, on the other hand, is decorated with darker shades and materialsThe darker accents allow the bedroom and bathroom to feel particularly relaxing and comfortable

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The apartment is decorated with light color tones and plenty of neutrals although this isn’t a characteristic of all the rooms. The bedrooms are a different story. One of them is a nursery room and in here the decor is dominated by soothing shades of pastel blue. The master bedroom and its bathroom, on the other hand, were decorated with darker tones, a choice meant to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

The clients wanted to preserve the industrial charm of the space so they opted to exposed concrete here and thereGrey is the main color used in the bathroom. It contrasts with the white and black accents

As a general rule, this gorgeous loft plays with subtle but still vivid contrasts that have to do with the eclectic style, the choice of materials, textures, finishes and colors but also the overall disposition of the furniture pieces, decorations and accent features.

There’s also a lovely texture that defines the shower walls and lots of other design elements



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