Fun Family Home In Moscow With Hammock Floors

Finding the right balance between what needs to be practical and what needs to be aesthetically pleasing or between elements enjoyed by kids and those that adults finds useful or beautiful is usually a challenge. When designing this 20 square meter house in Moscow, Russia, architectural studio Ruetemple had to deal with such a challenge.

Ruetemple summer family home three levels

Ruetemple summer family home distribution of floors

The studio specializes in modern, user-friendly and innovative projects and the team used their knowledge and creativity to give this tiny home the charm it deserves. The 20 square meter space serves as a summer home for a family with three kids. The project was completed in 2016.

Ruetemple summer family home hammock floors

The main goal was to create a space where both kids and their parents can spend time together and enjoy every moment without disturbing each other. The solution found by the studio in this case is very ingenious and inspiring.

Ruetemple summer family home staircase

Because the interior space was limited from the start, the design approach had to focus on ways to maximize the usable space without sacrificing on comfort or functionality. As a result, the designers chose to place the bedroom at the mansard level.

Ruetemple summer family home window

Ruetemple summer family home sleeping area

The interior space is divided into three levels connected by a staircase. The interior design was optimized for offering enjoyable mornings as a family. The most interesting feature are the hammock floors which allow kids to have fun without disturbing the parents.

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Ruetemple summer family home sleeping platform

Ruetemple summer family home mattress into the platform

The interior design is fun and cozy but also very light and chic. A small playhouse was built for the kids, offering them this way their own private space where they can have fun and spend time alone without needing adult supervision.

Ruetemple summer family home mirror

Ruetemple summer family home built-in TV and mirror

Two main colors were used throughout. White serves as the base color, being complemented by wood accents throughout. This ensures a calm background, creating the feeling of lightness and transparency. At the same time, the color combination compensates for the lack of abundant natural light in certain particular areas of the house.

Ruetemple summer family home built-in shelves

One of the design complications related to this project was the fact that the designers were unable to install a single large window and were forced instead to install many smaller ones. This may not reveal a panoramic view but in many ways represents a very good alternative by increasing the privacy and offering more freedom.

Ruetemple summer family home hammock floor and wall

Ruetemple summer family home hammock floor from below

In addition, to compensate for the lack of floor space, the interior design was kept simple and flexible, featuring built-in furniture and multipurpose elements. Strategically placed mirrors further emphasize the spaciousness and overall airy and fresh décor.

Ruetemple summer family home hammock surfaces fun for kids

Ruetemple summer family home small playhouse

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A large bed/ sleeping area sits on a wooden platform connected to the staircase. The mattress is placed into the platform, creating a flat surface which can also be used for play. The TV is built into a niche inside the staircase.

Ruetemple summer family home skylight

Ruetemple summer family home window desk



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