Cozy Loft With An Arched Ceiling And A Masculine Vibe

Loft apartments are not usually the most desirable, although they offer some wonderful advantages. They can all be fully enjoyed if the apartment excels in all other aspects, this including the interior design and everything related to the décor. A very good illustration of such a case is featured by this apartment in Kiev, Ukraine.

Kiev loft renovation social area

Kiev loft renovation kitchen and lounge

The apartment was renovated in 2015 by Alex Obraztsov. The brief specified that this space had to be converted into a modern and inviting bachelor loft. In order to do that, the designer had to make a few changes. Some of the interior walls and part of the ceiling had to be removed or exposed so the apartment could be properly insulated.

Kiev loft renovation lounge area brick wall

Kiev loft renovation lounge area colors

The interior space was opened up and new partitions were created. The designer’s main goal was to find a way to extend the interior space, to make it more comfortable and to take maximum advantage of the terrace.

Kiev loft renovation lounge area fireplace

Kiev loft renovation lounge area table

Large sliding glass doors provide abundant natural light for the internal areas adjacent to the terrace. At the same time, they ensure natural ventilation throughout the loft. Visually, the apartment is defined by two zones with two different ceiling designs.

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Kiev loft renovation kitchen arched ceiling

Kiev loft renovation kitchen brick wall

The lounge area has a flat and solid ceiling with built-in strip lighting. The clean, straight lines and angles and the colors chosen for the décor offer it a masculine vibe. In addition, the design is very simple, featuring built-in shelves and a contemporary fireplace inside the walls, an accent wall with a textured brick pattern and a combination of gray tones and wood details.

Kiev loft renovation kitchen island

Kiev loft renovation kitchen island with table

The kitchen, dining area, bathroom and sleeping area are defined by an arched ceiling with skylights, covered with plywood. Its design is a bit industrial but doesn’t look cold and austere thanks to the warmth of the plywood.

Kiev loft renovation dining area

A kitchen island with a table extension is the main piece in this area of the loft. A brick-patterned accent wall contrasts with the white furniture and the light gray floor, ensuring a balanced and pleasant ambiance.

Kiev loft renovation bathroom

Kiev loft renovation bathroom colors

The color palette is infused with shades of gray, white and black but also includes natural wood tones and dark browns. The bathroom is a beautiful example of an elegant and minimalistic décor based on strong contrasts and simple lines.

Kiev loft renovation home office

Kiev loft renovation sleeping area

Sliding glass doors offer access to an open terrace/ balcony. From here, the whole city can be admired. It’s also a great spot for star gazing on the nights when the sky is clear.

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Kiev loft renovation open terrace



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