Cozy Apartment With Industrial and Scandinavian Accents

Urban apartments rarely have that warm and cozy ambiance that’s usually specific to rural houses. It is however possible to transfer those characteristics from one type of building to another. Apartment UV designed by Open AD – Architecture and Design is proof of that. The apartment is located in Riga, Latvia and was designed in 2015. The project was focused on the reconstruction of three townhouse-type buildings, one of which houses this loft apartment.

Apartment UV social spaceThe apartment has a large open plan which contains the main social areasApartment UV social areaThe living space, kitchen and dining area are part of a single room

The dsigners took advantage of the fact that the apartment has a high ceiling to give it a particularly interesting look. They chose an industrial style for the space with Dutch and Scandinavian influences. A key feature for the social area is the presence of exposed brick walls. They’re highlighted by the black furniture which provides a clean and strong contrast.

Apartment UV lounge spaceThe social area features exposed brick walls and visible ceiling beams and fixturesApartment UV island bar tableThis combination results in an industrial style with subtle rustic accentsApartment UV wall decor and brick wallsDespite the roughness of the decor in general, the apartment feels very cozy and inviting

A small dining table for six is positioned in front of the window. It takes advantage of the bright and fresh decor and it makes the space feel extra cozy thanks to its natural wood top. At the same time, the metal frame and the pendant lamp maintain the industrial look.

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Apartment UV dining tableWe like the combination of earthy colors and black elements. It’s a strong and dramatic oneApartment UV kitchen islandA ladder provides access to the bookshelves on the upper part of the wallsApartment UV kitchen island and ladderThe designers took advantage of the high ceiling to add more storage

The black kitchen island acts as a space divider, separating the functions and serving a double purpose. On one hand, the island haas a built-in sink and cooktop which make a cooking accessory. On the other hand, it has a bar-height table extension which lets it be used in combination with bar stools. This gives it a casual appeal, suitable for an entertainment zone.

Apartment UV island and pendantsThe kitchen has a large island with a bar-height table extensionApartment UV hallway view of livingThe influences in the decor are Dutch and Scandinavian and the combination is very pleasantApartment UV hallway screensAn interesting detail is the design of the doors and partitions, especially the ones on the entry hallway

The social and private spaces are separated by a hallway. There’s a really interesting and smooth transition between these two zones. You can see how the brick walls end to make room for metal and glass partitions and how they gradually turn into smooth painted walls.

Apartment UV shoji screensThe foyer doors and dividers are reminiscent of shoji screensApartment UV screen doorThe matte glass and black-painted metal combo is a very chic and inspiring oneApartment UV sliding doorsThe private zone has a simpler decor, with white walls and dark floors

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The partitions and doors featurd here are similar to shoji screens. They look really cozy and welcoming, offering privacy without dividing the space in a very definiteve manner. They’re a suitable option for bedrooms in general.

Apartment UV bedroom reading cornerThe reading corner in the bedroom completes the decor, making the space feel extra cozyApartment UV bedroom closetThe bedroom have their own share of industrial charm. Check out this accent wall

The bedroom has white subway tiles and very little furniture. The sink is mounted on the wall and has a storage shelf beneath and there’s not much else to see in here. The space is mostly kept open and cluter-free.

Apartment UV bathroom sinkThe bathroom is simple and meant to be mainly functionalApartment UV bathroom interiorThe style is the same combination of industrial and Nordic influences as in the rest of the apartment



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