Compact Home Prototype Hides Most Of Its Basic Features

Space has become a privilege in city centers and it’s being increasingly difficult to find a spacious home or a vacant lot in a good location. It’s why we need to be more effective in how we use the space. This is the concept behind Yo! Home, a creation of designer Simon Woodroffe whose fascination for how people can use space more effectively inspired him to create some really intriguing projects.


Yo! Home is a prototype design for a compact living space that measures just 800 square feet. In order to make the most of the space, the main living area has been envisioned as a multifunctional space. It can serve as a comfortable seating area, a sleeping area, a kitchen and a dining space. However, not all these functions can be used at the same time.


To obtain such a modular and flexible design, the company had to be creative. Their solution was simple: to use a lot of hidden features.


By using hidden false floor and ceiling systems, the designer managed to fit a multitude of functions and elements in a very small space. The bed is one of the most impressive elements. It drops from the ceiling over the seating area using a tiny motor that allows it to move seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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The bed can also be moved manually in case of a power outage and this makes its design safe and practical regardless of the circumstances.


Another interesting feature is the dining table which has a Japanese-inspired design and stays hidden into the floor. It can be raised with the push of a button and the seats are lifted manually. When not needed, the whole set disappears into the floor, allowing the space to be used for something different.






The false floor also hides some storage spaces. This eliminates the need for extra bulky furniture and wall units and it also maximized the home’s storage capacity. All these hidden features are almost unnoticeable when not in use.


The kitchen fits into a pocket space together with the washing machine, the cooker, sink and lots of storage. It too can disappear when not in use. Sliding doors hide this area of the home allowing the living space to become more elegant and refined.


These are just the major defining elements. There are also other smaller details that make this concept attractive and interesting, such as the TV that drops from the ceiling, the cove lighting, the simple but very stylish and sophisticated furniture and the small but welcoming gray bathroom.

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