Colorful Apartment With A White Backdrop And Eclectic Artwork

Seeing an apartment as cheerful as the Furnished Void is very refreshing. This is a home that has a little bit of everything and makes the most of all its features. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the apartment was renovated in 2016 and that’s when its look changed completely.

The Furnished Void living room

The renovation was a project by Egue y Seta, a studio that designs spaces and experiences and uses its team’s creativity to tailor unique projects based on each client’s specific needs, from the conception to finish.

The Furnished Void living room seating area

The Furnished Void living room bookcase

Not all renovations are as dramatic as this one. A space that used to be outdated, bland and lacking any kind of personality became a very fresh and inspiring home full of color and character. The most noticeable thing is the strong contrast between the white walls and all the colorful decorations and furniture pieces.

The Furnished Void kitchen

The Furnished Void kitchen counter

The designers chose a spotless white backdrop for all the elements that they wanted to highlight. This creates the look of a large and open space and makes it easy to create stylish focal points through color. An important role in the overall look of the apartment was played by the clients’ four year old son who infused each and every room with color and gave the apartment a fun and playful look.

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The Furnished Void kitchen shelves

The Furnished Void kitchen dishes

The small but interesting collection of furniture is expertly displayed in key areas and complemented by all sorts of quirky accent pieces. The monochromatic and crisp background is like a blank canvas for everything in here.

The Furnished Void dining area

The Furnished Void dining room pendant

A turquoise sofa in the living room, a red chair in the workspace, a set of boldly-colored dishes on the kitchen shelves or some colorful bedding are all eye-catching little things used throughout the apartment. The walls are not always completely white. The occasional yellow or green rectangle is painted in a casual manner.

The Furnished Void workspace

It seems that yellow and turquoise are the two main colors used in the apartment although there are plenty of other shades that stand out just as much. Despite the variety of colors used as accent tones, the overall décor is very well balanced.

The Furnished Void bedroom

The contrasts of color are strong but not disturbing. Their role is to create focal points and to create a fresh, casual, vibrant and playful look.

The Furnished Void bahroom door

The Furnished Void bathroom sink

Not all accent features are childish. The apartment is also decorated with classical pieces of contemporary artwork and an interesting collection of books. They give the rooms a more grown-up character without clashing with the rest of the fun elements. The powerful splashes of color come in a variety of forms and they never overwhelm the space.

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The Furnished Void artwork



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