Apartment Remodel Uncovers Its History And Restores Its Charm

As time goes by, interior decors get old and boring and that’s usually when a renovation is in order. With each renovation and each remodel, however, a home gets an extra layer that hides its original charm. This could mean that at one point nothing would be left of the initial interior design. If you want to uncover that, a special kind of remodel is needed, the kind that this apartment in Budapest, Hungary got.

This is the apartment’s entrance lobby which is common for all three floorsThere’s not a lot here in terms of furniture, just some wall hooks and a few shelvesThe entrance floor is where the public areas are placed

The apartment was redesigned in 2015 by Gasparbonta. The space had been redesigned time after time in the past and with every new layer of paint and every other change, a little bit of the apartment’s character was lost. With this last remodel the architects wanted to bring the space back to its former glory by uncovering everything that’s been hidden until then, such as the brick walls for instance.

The kitchen and the dining area share the same open floor planA staircase that goes over the kitchen shelves offers access to the upper levelsThe exposed brick wall alongside the staircase adds a warmth and pleasant touch to the room

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The challenge to strip down the numerous layers of history and construction materials was welcomed by the architects who enjoyed discovering what lies beneath all of that. Their goal was to transform this 128 square meter apartment which is organized on three levels into a contemporary home that makes the most of its original structure.

The middle floor contains the bedroom, bathroom and a cozy lounge space
The bathroom is compact and it has plenty of storage inside this large wall unit

As mentioned just now, the apartment is organized on three floors, one of which is actually a roof terrace. They all share a single entrance. On the lower level, the one with the entryway, there’s a lobby, the kitchen and the dining area. This is the public zone. The lobby is simple, with wood-paneled walls, hooks and a few shelves. The kitchen is open and relatively small, with a metal staircase being suspended above.

There’s a small seating nook next to the bedroom which features beanbag chairs and a sofaThis is the living room which was placed here because of its proximity to the roof terrace

The middle floor is where the living room and the sleeping area are situated. The living is a welcoming space with wooden flooring, a gray sofa and additional seating in the form of beanbag chairs. There’s also a cool little nook with a cozy space under the staircase and a faux lawn floor. It’s the perfect spot for reading a good book or relaxing.

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The sloped ceiling gives the space an intimate and cozy feel although it also makes it seem smallerA cool feature is this cozy nook with its sunken floor and artificial lawn

The third floor is the roof terrace and the architects wanted to connect it to the public zone, this being the reason why they had the living area placed directly underneath it. The view from up here is pretty great and the transition is smooth thanks to the staircases that ensure a fluid connection between all the spaces.

This is the perfect reading nook. The wood and the fake grass give it a fresh and warm feelThe roof terrace occupies the uppermost floor and can be used as an outdoor lounge space



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