Apartment Remodel Makes Full Use Of Local Resources

Every apartment renovation has its own set of goals and elements it needs to focus on. In the case of this apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, the main request was to convert the space from a three-room apartment to a two-room home.

Remodeled Kiev apartment woven hammosk

The remodel was done by SVOYA Studio and the focus was on creating a vast open floor plan that would include the kitchen, dining room and living area. A separate volume contains the bedroom, bathroom and a large closet space.

Remodeled Kiev apartment woven hammosk placement

The team focused on using locally-sourced materials and resources in order to support local businesses. As a result, the wood boards and ceramic tiles used for the flooring are locally-sourced and they improve the overall charm of the apartment while also contributing to its pleasant and welcoming ambiance.

Remodeled Kiev apartment accent light fixtures as decorations

In addition to this, the studio also included a series of their own creations which includes light fixtures and other accessories. The apartment was decorated with paintings by local artists which further supports the concept described so far.

Remodeled Kiev apartment accent wall tiles

The main goal of the remodel was to create a quiet and peaceful ambiance. In order to do that, the team employed a series of rather unusual strategies such as including an indoor hammock in the living space and using pendant lamps as decorations.

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Remodeled Kiev apartment dining table

The overall design is a combination of modern and industrial features with a slight hint of rustic. The living are features an accent wall covered in wooden tiles. It’s a feature that adds warmth to the décor while, at the same time, looks sculptural and eye-catching.

Remodeled Kiev apartment dining table chandelier

The kitchen is a bit unusual as well. It includes a suspended counter with a built-in cook top. This features serves both as a kitchen island and a bar without actually resembling any of these.

Remodeled Kiev apartment kitchen counter and bar

The sink and storage spaces stay hidden behind closet doors, revealing themselves when needed. This ensures an airy feel throughout.

Remodeled Kiev apartment kitchen sink in closet

Other interesting accent features include a custom wine rack tucked in a nook between the kitchen and dining area. It’s a set of wooden rods that create storage for bottles while doubling as a wall sculpture. The accent lights give the wine rack a rather dramatic look.

Remodeled Kiev apartment wine rack

The dining table can sit six people and has a simple and chic design. It’s placed next to the windows, offering views of the surroundings. Long curtains ensure an intimate ambiance when desired. The chandelier hanging above the table is sleek and has a really interesting design.

Remodeled Kiev apartment bedroom decor

Remodeled Kiev apartment bedroom windows and curtains

The bedroom also has floor-to-ceiling windows and long white curtains. It’s a very bright and well-lit space which, at the same time, feels very cozy and peaceful. The décor is simple, casual and with a lot of rustic charm even though the design is mostly modern.

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Remodeled Kiev apartment bedroom wall decor

Remodeled Kiev apartment bedroom blue closet

The blue closet adds a splash of color to the room becoming a focal point for the décor.

Remodeled Kiev apartment bathroom colors

Remodeled Kiev apartment bathroom wood cabinetry

The en-suite bathroom is small and dominated by shades of gray and wood. The floor tiles are quite unusual, blending several shades. The glass partitions and walk-in shower keep the space airy and well-lit.

Remodeled Kiev apartment bathroom shower



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