Apartment Gets Reorganized To Make More Room For Play

The optimization of spaces is a challenging task. Every single time there’s a new set of challenges which have to be dealt with in the best way. In addition, every client has his own requirements and this makes each project unique and different. This 73 square meter apartment, for example, had to be reorganized according to a very specific set of rules.

Buttes Chaumont Apartment living - Glenn Medioni

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation dining area

This is the Buttes Chaumont project developed by the architects at Glenn Medioni, a design agency formed of professionals specialized in different fields. Each enriches the project with their experience and skill. Each project is the result of a collaboration between designers, client and manufacturers and in every case the agency focuses on ensuring a harmonious and memorable experience.

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation corner work area

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation yellow cubbies on white unit

The challenge in this case was to optimize the space and to make the child’s room bigger. In order to make that happen, the designers had to be creative. The solution they decided to use involved making the entrance, hallway and bathroom smaller or completely eliminating them.

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation wood panel wall

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation sculptural wall separator

The entry door now leads directly into the living space. There is no separate space for the entrance and no hallway. The entire apartment was treated more or less as an open floor plan. The living space and dining area share the same open volume.

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Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation dining space and balcony

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation kitchen pace

A large and multifunctional unit offers storage, a platform to display the TV on as well as a corner workspace. The unit is a combination of hidden and open compartments which can be distinguished by their color. The yellow accents look very fresh and cheer up the ambiance.

Buttes Chaumont Apartment bedroom - Glenn Medioni

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation bedroom behind wood wall

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation bathroom black and white

Buttes Chaumont Apartment bathroom - Glenn Medioni

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation bathroom sink

A wall made of thin wood panels arranged vertically and horizontally separates the communal spaces from the private areas. Behind it is the bathroom and the parents’ bedroom, a very elegant and simple room defined by the contrast of dark gray and white. The wood wall balances the décor and allows the space to look and feel relaxing and welcoming.

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation kid room compact module

What remains to be analyzed is the second bedroom which is meant for kids. This used to be a smaller space, enlarge during the renovation of the apartment. The changes made allowed the room to be divided into two zones.

Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation kid room loft bed

All the furniture in this room was gathered into a single longitudinal module. It contains a loft bed accessible via a ladder, a desk and plenty of storage. This compact volume features a combination of white, yellow and blue and occupies one half of the room. The other half serves as a playground.

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Buttes Chaumont apartment renovation kid room desk



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